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R & R….and R & R (Part 3 of 4)


Have you ever been asked to renew your membership or commitment to an organization? It’s a decision to either continue receiving benefits of some kind, or to discontinue your relationship with the organization. Do you really want to spend that money for what you received from the organization? Our souls need renewal – and it’s not cheap. It cost a little bit of something: Ourselves.

At our table, renewal is an investment of relationship – filled with authenticity and


At our table, we talk, and we don’t just talk ‘small’ talk. We talk ‘big’ talk. What do I mean by

‘big’ talk? I mean we don’t settle for shallow answers, and we take ‘little’ or ‘no’ answers to

mean there’s something deeper happening. So, we press, and we prod. We try to pry the words out of each other’s mouths for the sake of creating a safe space and for fostering vulnerability and authenticity.

The table naturally lends itself to being a vulnerable and authentic place. When we eat and drink we show our vulnerability caused by our hunger and thirst. When we talk and share a little about ourselves, we feast on a delicacy of authenticity. We expose our needs and wants with vulnerability and authenticity.

At our table, we believe in getting real and getting down to our soul.

Our actions, moods, and words all display our true hunger and thirst. If for some reason, one of us isn’t real talkative, there’s usually some ‘hunger’ or ‘thirst’ that wasn’t satisfied that day.

While no one wants their children or loved ones to go hungry or thirsty, we definitely don’t want to starve our souls.

This is where renewal comes in.

The moment we invest in our hunger and thirst is the moment we renew our souls.

So, how do we renew our souls at the table? We sit. We listen. We explore our loved ones

hunger and thirst. We ask questions. We sit in silence and listen for the rumbling of the soul’s

stomach. Most importantly, we don’t leave the table until our hunger has been satisfied and thirst has been quenched.

We invest vulnerability and authenticity, and we get renewal. Nothing else matters when you are the table. So, sit. Stay. Wait. Invest.


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