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A journey to discovering your greatest dreams and desires of life, vocation, and calling. 

What is Life Coaching?

Coaching is all bout YOU living the life you have always imagined but never thought possible. And if you could have done it by now, you would have. But, my guess is that you haven’t, so that’s why you are reading about coaching and how I can possibly help. Coaching is not consulting or counseling. Coaching offers little to no advice, nor does it prescribe medication. Coaching is all about YOU moving forward with a hope, goal, or dream that you have since determined is foolish, wishful thinking, or irrational. It is a journey into yourself to discover your greatest desire, dreams, and call in life. Are you ready to start your journey? Keep ready to see which path you need to take.  

Curious? What Does Life Coaching Look Like?

Taking this step could lead to the best transformation in your life. Your life is meant to be lived to the fullest, yet, many of us let so many factors get in the way. If you are still hesitant about taking this step or unclear as to what life coaching could do for you, join the free 20-minute session to get a little taste of what life coaching will be like. In this journey, you will discover things about yourself you never knew or have forgotten about. The HERO'S PATH session is designed for the person who simply needs to find their location on the “life map.” Thinking of our lives as a unique story, you’ll be given some resources to help you reset and refocus. The "HERO'S JOURNEY PATH" session is designed for the ministry leader with big dreams. Thinking of our lives as a unique story, this path will be for those who are ready to journey into the unknown of a dream. Every great story has a main character, conflict, and resolution. Be a hero; live your dream. Save the world. Which one of these has intrigued your interest, made your mind wander to what your life could be, or even made you start to dream again? Let's start this journey. 

What does this cost?

Sign me up!

Why Did I become a Coach?

I became a life coach because I believe every person has a unique story waiting to be told. At least that’s what my coach told me, and I believed him. While I am content with listening to people share their woes and problems about life’s unfair plot twists, I come alive when people resolve to make a change and move forward in their personal and unique stories. Through story-telling, humans have a special way of connecting with one another. You and I tell stories all day long, yet we probably rarely think of our own lives as one unique story unfolding before our eyes. My coach helped me see my own life as a unique story, and I want to do the same with you.


Having logged over 200+ hours of coaching already, I am ready to continue helping others face their fears and live their dreams, as the hero of their own journey. If you have ever dismissed a dream because you thought it would never work, then why don’t you give coaching a chance? If you don’t live your dreams, then who will? Keep reading about you can become the hero of your journey.

Jonathan Crabtree

Coach for Burned out Clergy

Coach for Emerging Christian Leaders

General Life Coach

Ordained Elder (MS Annual Conference of the UMC)

Doctor of Ministry, Wesley Biblical Seminary 2021

PhD Student, University of Aberdeen (Trinity College Bristol)

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