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"AMONKST" is a word-play from the word, amongst, and it's our way of being 'monks' in the 21st Century. Christian monks have a long history of living and working in their monasteries while selling their homemade goods for the good of their outside community. They would make homemade food and other items, and use the proceeds for the upkeep of their monastery and for those in poverty. Our family may never live in a true monastery, but will reflect in spiritual habits/practices to live a 'monkly' life. We will share 'amonkst' our own table for change 'amonkst' our world.

You can do the same! At the table, we are reminded of three things we need to survive and thrive: food, water, and one another. That's what we get every time when we come to a table.

Our love and fascination for family time at our dinner table goes alongside Jesus' Table Ministry (mostly found in the Gospel of Luke.) Jesus was amongst the people for the sake of transforming the world. We believe our family's mission is to embody this ministry by:

"Sharing 'amonkst' the table for change 'amonkst' the world."

At the heart of the Gospel of Christ is a call to repentance, grace, and live a new life while building the Kingdom of God here on earth as it is in heaven. Jesus embodies this message at His Table - The Lord's Supper. 

On this website you will find content designed to create conversation at your table. In doing so, we hope to encourage you to:

Share 'amonkst' the table for change 'amonkst' the world.'

Whatever you share at your table (conversation, food, water, relationship) think about how you can share 'amonkst' the world for change 'amonkst' the world. It can be as simple as donating food to a local food pantry, praying for one another or someone, or inviting others to a meal.

When we share 'amonkst' the table there will be change 'amonkst' the world!

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