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Life happens at the table.

Why? Because all that is needed for life is there: water, food, people. When the meal is over, and the conversation is finished, there’s often a sense of new life. Thirst has been quenched. Hunger has been satisfied. Relationships have been nurtured.

When we leave the table, our world is changed. And when our world is changed, we change the world. We’ve experienced some of life’s greatest gifts at this table like joy in being known to someone else and them knowing you. There’s love that has the power to stop death, inspire dreams, and heal brokenness. Then, there’s hope – a vision of a better tomorrow.

With a little bit of hope, there’s a whole lot of love and joy. Even with tears.

One glimmer of hope is enough to change someone’s world. That’s what we believe happens at a table. That’s why we created this place. It’s simply an extension of our table into your home, and we want to share it with you.

Who are we? We are the Crabtree family. I’m Jonathan – husband, father, chicken farmer, Chaco-wearer. There’s Kristina – wife, mother, also chicken farmer, colorful, giggly most of the time, and of course a Chaco-wearer. Then, we have Danika – daughter, sister, chicken lover, brave, caring, sassy and a unicorn. Finally, there’s Jon Andrew – the wild child, son, brother, joker, Mickey Mouse enthusiast, chicken chaser, and does whatever his sister tells him to do.

We want to share our life, our stories, our faith, and our table with you.

We’re not exactly sure what we’re doing here, other than just sharing our table with you. We want to share the things that change our world in hopes that it changes your world. Because when your world is changed, you’ll change the world.

So, for now, we just want to invite you share ‘amonkst’ our table for change ‘amonkst’ the world. [I’ll tell you about ‘amonkst’ in the next post.]

Life happens at a table, and it can happen at yours.

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