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Jesus, the Samaritan Woman, and the Seventh Water Pot

I believe there is a connection between John chapter 2 and chapter 4. In John chapter 2 Jesus performs his first recorded miracle which is turning water into wine at a wedding in Cana. Now in John chapter 2, Jesus has six water pots that he tells the servants to fill with water. When the master of the party taste the substance within the water pot, he observes that this is the best wine saved for the last part of the celebration.

While the celebration of the wedding seems to be winding down, the promise in the new wine is new life. Now the celebration can continue with even greater “pop and circumstance.” There is new life in the new wine.

In John chapter 4, Jesus goes through Samaria and stops at Jacobs well, which is well known, and asked a Samaritan woman for a drink of water. As the conversation goes on she realizes that Jesus is the Messiah. When she realizes who Jesus is, she leaves her water pot behind and goes tell others about her encounter with Jesus the Messiah. For she now has new life and Jesus offers living water. This drink of water is new life.

Seven is usually a number of wholeness - much like the creation account in Genesis. It was on the seventh day, the Sabbath, when God rested and looked over all of creation.

Sabbath was created for humanity, not humanity for the Sabbath. Now, this Samaritan woman has rested her water pot down and experienced the transformation from “what was” to “what is and will be.” Her water pot is now filled with new life. Her chaos is now calm. Her shame is now boldness. Her life is now new.

Her soul is at rest from the shackles and burdens of sin. She has been forgiven by the Creator who hovers over the waters and creates new life amidst a restless and chaotic world.

However, I believe her water pot represents what we probably need to set down so Jesus will turn it into something new.

Nobody knew what Jesus was doing with the six water pots in Chapter 2 at the wedding. I’m sure they weren’t expecting him, or anyone, to miraculously turn water into wine. The Samaritan woman at the well probably didn’t know why Jesus was even talking to her. Even more, she probably didn’t expect Jesus to be the Messiah and turn her ordinary (and chaotic) life into something new and extraordinary. That’s the connection I see in John 2 & 4.

Whatever your situation is, set your water pot down in front of Jesus the Messiah. Rest in His presence. He will turn your ordinary into extraordinary.

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